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mining the moons of mars

from in the morning i woke up by justin ewart

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Don't worry maya the cargo will hold
Mountains of gold if we do as we're told
When we are told
And we have been sailing a week and a day
How is it going I really can't say
But we'll be there soon

Mining the moons of mars
We'll me mining the moons of mars
Very soon

And I had a dream that we traveled too far
Into the hold of a binary star
There we were stranded and some of us died
Those who were left felt that we had arrived
To where we had gone

Mining the moons of mars
We'll me mining the moons of mars
And I'll be happier I'm out here
Where I'll be mining the moons of mars
Very soon

I have been crazy now for fourty days
Sometimes I whisper let's throw me away
But I'll be there soon
We'll be there soon

* * *

The train left eight days ago
leaving us on this empty shore
where we are to wait.

Where we were before.

Somehow there's something here.
I can almost remember it.
Sort of like we were always here
waiting for something.
Waiting for boats to come,
waiting for someone to come,
waiting for each other.

Very far away i heard a noise.

It sounded kind of like a voice or a bell
and it was saying something.

Saying something.

Sand poured through my toes.

I took off my clothes and went for a swim,
and then crawled back up to the shore
and fell asleep.
And i waited for something,
for someone,
i didn't know.

I was sleeping for a very long time.

When I awoke boats had arrived,
and i was surrounded.

Crowds of people
all strangely familiar were everywhere.

And they started boarding.
I laughed and i stood up to stretch a little and to watch them.
Millions of people.

It never occurred to me to join them.
I was waiting.

Someone tried to call me
from the deck
and i waved back at them.

I thought they were crying.

I was confused
and I sat down in the sand.

More people came
and they rushed by me
to join the others.

The boats were spilling over.

Less people came
until I watched
the last person board.

And then anchors went up.
The sails went up.
They started to leave.

It was a nice afternoon.

The ships were making beautiful patterns
as they began to sail away
and for some reason I found myself in tears.
I was waiting.

Suddenly i started to run.

I ran out into the water
and they were already very far away.
I screamed to people
who had waved to me
but they could not hear me.
I tried to will them to stop,
I screamed myself raw
but they could not hear me.
I was panicking,
I wasn't going to catch them.
I was watching them sailing.
I could not see them.
I fell into the water.
I watched them sailing.
I tried to scream but I couldn't.
I watched them sailing

And they were gone.

I was alone.

I was alone on the shore and it was silent.

Slowly something else began to happen.
I made my way back onto the beach
and I could here voices very far away.

The sun was setting.

A few more people came running
and I had to explain to them
what had just happened.

I had to explain,
what had just happened.

And they listened.

And they understood.

And we sat on the shore.

We sat on the shore
and we watched the sunset.

Set over heaven.

And we sat on the shore
and we watched the sun set.

Set over heaven.


from in the morning i woke up, released December 3, 2005


all rights reserved



justin ewart

Justin Ewart (you-urt) is a singer/songwriter, filmmaker, and artist.

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